The Ultimate Guide to Shopping For Your Wedding Dress Part 2

The first part of this post gave you some tips on how to prepare for shopping for your dream dress, now heres what to expect once you start!

Your Appointment

Like most other wedding dress shops we work by appointment so book in advance and bear in mind that Saturdays are generally the busiest days and fill up quickly as do any evening appointments if and when they are available. You now can book your appointment at Zadika Bridal online.

Who To Take With You

We welcome all sizes of wedding parties and realise that while some brides like shopping alone or with one or two trusted friends or family members others like to involve as many important people as possible in this special experience.

If you generally shop on your own don't be afraid to go wedding dress shopping on your own, if you see a dress you love you can make an appointment to come back with your family, friends or bridesmaids. If you have a large bride squad and you want them to be part of the experience but its proving hard for everyone to be available at the same times don't be afraid to start shopping without everyone, take the one or two whose opinions you can trust and you can arrange a time that suits the rest and take them with you when you are returning to see dresses you have already decided you like.

Too many voices and opinions can be confusing, you need to be able to hear your own voice and trust your own instincts on what dress makes YOU feel and look good. If there are too many different opinions at the appointment let the sales assistant lead it and direct it, we know the dresses and will more than likely know what will suit you even if no one else thinks you should try it on.

A lot of our brides to be have children and we love to see them too! We are more than happy to pop Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig on you tube for them while you look for your dream dress.

What To Take With You

My brides are always asking me what they should take to their appointment so here is the small list. First of all wear appropriate underwear, we will be helping you in and out of dresses. Wear a strapless bra and if you usually wear Spanx or support pants wear them too. We have shoes for you to try on with the dresses but its no harm to take a pair of your own. Wear your hair up or take a bobbin as it helps if you are trying on veils and it allows you to get a better look at the necklines and backs of the dresses. We have a strict no tan policy but do feel free to wear a little light make up. If you love the dress without all the bells and whistles, imagine how much you'll love it on the day!

In The Appointment...

  • Firstly be on time. If you are running late please let us know, often times we can accommodate you. If it is a busy day arriving late may cut into your own time as the next appointment cannot be pushed back to accommodate you.

  • Take snapshots, photos or pullouts of dresses you like to give us an idea of your taste.

  • Like most shops we don't allow photos, very few shops do so ask before you start snapping! The reason we don't is the point below.

  • Be prepared to use your imagination. Shops carry samples of wedding dresses and they will generally have one sample of each dress in one size. You may have to deal with anything from them not zipping up to them being miles too big so you will have to see past this and imagine what it would be like if it fitted you properly.

  • Don't get hung up on sizes when you are shopping for your wedding dress as a lot of designers and brands run very small and you may be up to 2 sizes bigger than what you would normally wear.

  • Don't get discouraged. If your not getting The Moment in any dress or just not seeing anything you like. Keep your chin up and keep looking. Your dress is out there somewhere and you will find it! More often than not its not the emotional moment we see on tv but its the dress that we can't get out of our heads days later.

  • Order your dress in the size you are on that day, if you are loosing weight don't fret as a dress can be taken in up to 2 sizes without anyone ever noticing.

  • Most of all keep An Open Mind. Don't discount any shape or style until you have tried it on. Nine times out of ten a bride will end up falling for a dress that is nothing like she thought she wanted. Listen to the sales assistant, if she says you should try something on, try it, it may be a pleasant surprise!

  • Have Fun! Its supposed to be a fun exciting experience so enjoy it. Try on some dresses that are completely out of your comfort zone, at the worst of times you'll have a good laugh and you never know it just might be The One.

  • Finally… When you do find The Dress, Stop Looking. You've found it!

I really hope this has helped answer some questions for you and maybe even given you some tips. If you have any other questions that I missed out on please get in touch. I love talking to brides and helping them out! Hopefully I'll see you in Zadika Bridal soon!

Zita xx

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